These days, I try for strength.

Sturdy limbs, for lifting my burdens.

Strong shoulders, for carrying my worries.

Oaken will, for bearing witness.

Iron resolve, for staying the course.

These days, I am strong.



Paper Boat

In the stiff angles of my shoulders,

I feel the press of every worry;

Each thought in my anxious mind

A swirling mass of fury.


That roaring voice inside my brain asks

Will I be stronger, when the time is nigh?

It screams out into the world, but is silenced-

It whispers now, a sigh.


Only cruel time knows the story’s end;

I’m just a paper boat, tossed upon the tide.

I wish, just once, to change the course,

But I’ll keep that inside.


A Losing Art

A man rode out to meet the sea;

The golden sun warmed the sand;

Acrid scent of sweat and glee

Gave company

To the gun

Cradled in his hand.


“Not today,” the sea god spoke,

The words like daggers in his heart.

The man just shrugged;

His taut voice broke,

As he answered,

“Dying is a losing art.”


“Be that as it may,” the ocean said,

“Your bones aren’t welcome here.”

He thought a moment, and instead

He turned and rode

Toward fear.


The gun slipped from his grip

As his fleet beast reared away;

His last shot to the waves, a flip

“I’ll see you again.




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Forever Ago

How do you stay connected to your tribe, when things are hectic, and you’re in the trenches, mired in the daily details of living?

It’s been forever ago,
Since we talked, you know?

What’s going on with you?
How are things? What’s new?

It feels like years have passed;
Time slips by, moments amassed.

I’ve thought of you lately,
In the hurly burly, the busy, the hasty.

Wondered how you were,
What, by your silence, I should infer.

Are you, like me, bogged down with life?
Struggling, as I do, on the edge of the knife?

There we go, the two of us,
Time and distance, unceremonious.

They say it’s like two ships passing;
More like solitary, everlasting.

It’s been ages since we met;
Hope all is well, is all I meant.

I’ll see you again, someday,
We’ll have that moment, come what may.

Until that time, I hope you know,
I miss you more than I can show.