The Prisoner

What is it like to be trapped inside your own mind?


Chaos lives inside my brain;
Trapped you there, you devil’s game.

Take up residence, go ahead-
Stay in there until I’m dead.

Fooled you chaos, you clever thing;
Cudgled you and all you bring.

Order rules out here instead,
That awfulness which you so dread.

Stay inside my flytrap mind,
No purchase there will you still find.

For I am not like all the rest,
My mind is greater than the best.

But I am also trapped in here, you see
Inside the place that is, well, me.

No wings of freedom shall you find,
Nor will I, as you remind.

Mired here inside my thoughts
You and I, with counterplots.

How will you try to flee this space?
If I knew, I’d lose with grace.

Let you free to sow your worst,
A role in which you are well versed.

But take me with you, chaos, please-
Don’t leave me here with this disease.

For I grow weary of this trap,
Let’s run away, you old madcap.

And I’ll applaud your every deed,
When once, at last, I too am freed.

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