Button, mutton, who’s a glutton?


Inky, blinky, dollop of blight;

Pesky, testy, smidgen of light.

Pierce not my gimlet eye,

Lest we roast you, him and I.


Jammy, whammy, what’s in my hand?

Bits of teeth, pieces of land.

Hungry, mungry, gnaw on bones,

Hear the shrieks and the moans.


Tea time, smee time, ate a bite;

Was your eyeball? That’s not right!

Here’s a larkspur, here’s a cure;

Eat this poison or endure.


Join us, gloin us, have some fun!

Weevil, beevil, in the sun…

Sit right down and have no fear:

It’s just us, we’re all mad here.

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