Where do your dreams come from?


I am the fisher of dreams

Cast my net into the ether

Fling my strands into the deep

And settle them over you

Like a shroud you’ll wake from


I wade into the Lethe waters

Feel the cool waves at my thighs

And dip my net into the rills

At the shadowy end of a stone

Capturing a memory with fins


Feet grip the submerged earth

I make my way back, inky shore

My nets are full of wispy things

Ethereal and light in my hands

I am content, my night’s catch


I shiver in the cold nothingness

But bend once more to task

My fillet knife slices the dreams

And cuts away the darkness

To leave only the light


Blindly I finish, eyes not needed

And settle into the grassy bank

Where I wait for dawn’s warmth

To limber my limbs, more ahead

Catching and cleaning, not done


Riotous color signals the day

Fingers warm, I thread the eye

Stitch the seams, smooth edges

Press each dream into a sheaf

Tucked away for tomorrow


I am the fisher of dreams

I have them safe in my creel

My nets untangled, I head home

To feed you the harvest, bounty

See you dwell ‘neath my blanket

Safe, under my fisher’s hand

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