The Printer

I’ve loved the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon for years, half of my life in fact. One of my favorite scenes in the reunion scene in Jamie’s print shop. It makes me cry every time. My ode to these amazing characters and the awesome talent of their creator…my favorite scene, in verse.


Eyes made of whisky

To the printer’s she ran;

Her hand on the latch

She laid eyes on her man.
Her voice barely heard,

She called out his name;

“Jamie,” she  whispered,

And reached for his red mane.
His back stiffened straight,

He turned, white as snow,

“Claire?” His whisper

Reached her ears, so slow.
She nodded assent,

Her eyes damp with tears,

“It’s me,” she agreed,

Mourning the loss of their years.
Her grief turned to alarm,

When with nary a sound,

Her red haired giant lover

Thudded to the ground.
She raced to his side

And cradled his head,

He revived at her touch,

Saying, “I thought ye were dead!”
“I thought the same,

You big bloody oaf!”

They grinned at each other

At her familiar oath.
Finally together

After worlds apart,

Reunited in love and laughter,

Bonded in heart.

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