I have deep connections to the land where I live, here in Oregon, where the water is cool, the trees are tall, and the sky is as wide as my wondering eyes.


Once, I was a tree.

My toes were roots that

Traveled deep into the soil.

My fingers were branches

Reaching for the sun.

My hair was leaves

Fluttering in the breeze.

The warmth of summer

On my bark was my tan.

The cool snow wrapped

Me up like a sweater

In the winter.

I loved to dye my hair leaves

Different colors in the fall.

In the spring, I tried on

New bark dresses

And adorned my leaf tresses

With greens of all shades

And hues.

The land is my mother,

The sky is my father.

The lakes and rivers

Are my aunts and uncles.

All the trees

are my brothers and sisters.

In their arms,

I thrive.

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