Day One

All that ails you can be healed in nature.


On day one, I screamed into the sky
Waiting for an answer, some reply;
But there was none,
On day one.

On day one, I was empty,
Drowning in futility,
Feeling cold and done,
On day one.

On day one, I slipped into the river,
Ready to leave, sleep under the water;
So glacial, so numb.
On day one.

The knife of frozen kindness
Slid into my soul, a wildness;
I was unspun
On day one.

I sprang from the river bed,
Alive and whole, unbled,
Ready to dance and run
On day one.

It lives in me, and all I see,
The water’s lesson set me free,
And all is clear, a wiser sun
Shines in the lee
Of day one.



Perhaps it’s unwise, but I’ve covered my eyes, unwilling to watch this wreck of a train;
I voiced my displeasure, in all kinds of weather, and now feel only disdain.

There once was a smarmy old pig

Who danced quite a jig

And landed clear in DC;

Once he was there,

He did suddenly declare

“Time to set up my rig!”

One at a time

He committed each crime

And appointed the worst to command;

With each passing day

He’d smile and say

“Don’t like it? You’re canned!”

Beggars and thieves

Were his appointees

To the highest positions, so tall;

And when they decided

Some should be chided

They forgot to address the worst one of all.

Let this be a lesson

In case you were guessing

What voting third party commends:

A cowardly man

In charge of the land

You claimed you’d love to no end.


The End

At the end of your life, what is the most important thing: what you left behind, or who?


At the end of it all

Were you large or small?

Did you walk with pride

And speak out, not hide?


Did you give a voice

To those without choice,

Or pretend not to see

What happened to me?


Can you say, with all truth

You well-spent your youth,

So as to abide in old age

With wisdom and sage?


If this is the end,

My dearest friend,

Let us rejoice on all we have done;

Should we repent?

Nay, let’s relent,

And consider the day has been won.




Armless in a Box

Unfinished business haunts me. What haunts you?


Here I lay, limp, unworn;

Ragged edges flipped and torn.

Armless, neckless,

Lost and reckless-

Armless in a box.

Had grand plans, had big schemes,

Had sky wide hopes and dreams.

Colors hiding

Without lighting;

Armless in a box.

No one wears me, I’m not petty;

Freedom’s coming, I’ll be ready.

Wear me, love me

Set me free,

No more Armless in a Box



“Instead of letting the negativity of others bring you down, rise up.” It’s harder than it sounds.


Every thing I say,

No matter what I do,

Nothing is ever good or

Perfect enough for you.
Say something nice to me,

Let no complaint pass your lips,

I promise you won’t break-

Might save our relationship.
No matter what you think,

Every thing you fail,

Only makes me stronger; 

My resolve prevails.


The Green Tree

Fairy tales all had teeth in the beginning.


In the darkened wood

The green tree waits alone

The fire is looming

Near to her home

Clear as woman’s tears

Before they fall to the mud

Deep, raw and red

As woman’s blood

Blue is the sky

Before the heavens fall

Blackened roots

Strangle them all

Choke on your words

Like ashes on the tongue

Look to another

The green tree is done



If you lost your memory, what would be the one thing you wished for?


I wish

You remembered

I wish

You’d stop forgetting

I wish

I was still the grandchild and not the adult

I wish

You could tell me stories again

I wish

You were still here with me all the time

I wish

I wasn’t bitter

I wish

Things were the way I remember

I wish

I wasn’t afraid for what’s next

I wish

I didn’t fear for my mother

I wish

I wasn’t afraid for myself

I wish

I wasn’t worried for my daughters

I wish

You didn’t remember what happened to your mother

I wish

Your granddaughters wouldn’t have to see this

I wish

It didn’t hurt so much

I wish

I wish I didn’t miss you so badly

I wish

I wouldn’t cry

I wish

You wouldn’t either

I wish

You remembered

I wish.